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Fucking her. She was whimpering with pleasure and started taking longer strokes up and down, working those big cocks deeper into her where it felt so good and rolling her hips around between their big meat. Then the guys began to take control and grabbed Becky roughly, pushing her up and down, alternately sliding their cocks in and out faster and faster. Her hands slid around to cup her titties and she began to squeeze them and pull at her nipples as she began to build to what was going to be a huge climax. They rocked her back and forth between them and began to build up speed, ... cum shot stories sex penetration woman story

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My nipples as I fucked her. It drove me even wilder and I fucked her harder, grunting with each thrust. "Oh god I'm cumming again!" She moaned. I felt her pussy sucking my cock hard as I rammed her steadily. "OOOOHHHHH... OOOOO... .OOOOOOOOOOOO... " Ala moaned as she washed my cock with her cum. She licked my nipple harder as she came hard. Ala laid her head back on the pillow and let out a dreamy sigh. "God I love fucking you." She said. My cock was still wedged firmly ... cum shot stories sex penetration woman story

And Richard's had been among them. His squeezes grew harder as Mandy sucked him harder and her strokes grew faster. Drops of Richard's pre-cum had already spilled out onto her tongue, making Mandy suck deeper and deeper. She was going down on him fully, easing the head of his cock all the way into her throat. Mandy could feel her own pussy moistening as she sucked harder and harder, then stopped altogether. She kept Richard's cock poised on the tip of her tongue as she concentrated on stroking him with her hand. Faster and faster she ...

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No one else has." Feeling the first orgasm leave her was not enough, she knew that she needed more. Sensing her need, he lay back on the bed, removing his boxers and leaving his cock bare to her hungry gaze. She licked her lips staring at his hard tool she dove and grabbed it with her hand, caressing its solid length. She could feel it pulsing in her left hand while her right was feeling the weight of his balls on her slender fingers. She began cupping the balls in one hand, while she traced ... penetration woman story

From the corner of my eye as he slipped his business card onto the nightstand and quietly left the room. I wrapped myself around Josh, wiping my lips and chin using the back of my hand. I kissed him soft and deep. We cuddled together. The blankets were askew and barely covering us. I felt safe and home and loved in the arms of my man. She had grabbed his boxers by the waistline at the same time, so that tug unleashed his already erect cock. In the same motion, Amy bobbed her head down on him, taking ... cum shot stories sex

Looked to me and said, "Tell Nadine that we're here and go park the car. We're going be in the rec room. When our friends get here bring them there and then you can start serving." I didn't like the implication of "serving" but I did what he said. At almost exactly six o'clock a car pulled up. I went to the door and, upon opening it, looked up to see two very big, very tough looking men. "You must be Rick, I'm Jake and this is Johnny." The man who had spoken to me was black, 6'6" and looked like he could be a model. He was wearing tight white shirt that showed off a perfect upper-body and next to Chuck he was the ...

Maintaining eye contact. Smiling, she said, "You need me to sign something?" Willie was by now utterly flustered. He was pretty sure this woman knew what she was doing, but no matter, Willie was becoming immensely turned on and his rapidly growing cock was becoming uncomfortable in his pants. "I, uh, yeah. I mean, sign this please," Willie said as he handed her the delivery receipt. Susan felt a little bad about teasing the kid, but she couldn't resist. She turned her barely covered ass back to Willie and sauntered slowly back into the room to the credenza, where she bent over again, spread her legs just a little ... cum shot stories sex penetration woman story

Answered. 'Only Keble and Vaughan.' 'Oh, them,' she sighed, and smiled too. I could smell the beer on her breath. Keble and Vaughan are our private joke. These two buttoned-up, stiff upper-lipped English civil servants, who work in my section and have slept with half the prostitutes in Saigon, have each tried in vain to seduce my lover girl. Perhaps they wanted their sex free for a change. Now they have concluded that she is frigid or (worse, in their eyes) a lesbian and call her The Ice Queen. If they could have seen ...

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All alone up here on this floor, I thought that you could come up and keep me company?" There was a strict rule at the Rutherford Inn about going up into the guests' rooms. Especially not to rooms that were currently occupied by extremely attractive men who traveled alone on business trips. "Um...Mr. Lee...we have a policy here at Rutherford..." "You probably have some rule that states that you cannot go up to a guest's room is that it?" A little shocked at how accurately he assessed the problem, Jade said yes. "Jade, I have been on the road for over two weeks now. Working under these ... penetration woman story

Which she can only perceive as a bad omen. "Next winner of this round gets to fuck Lena." Lena watches the eyes of Eddie's friends light up with excitement and lust. "Fuck, yeah." Responds Pete, still with the camcorder on Lena, not smiling anymore, but still appearing calm. Todd and Victor silently accept Eddie's proposed prize. "Before we start," Eddie looks at Lena. "Why don't you take those shoe laces off, babe? Let the guys see you in the buff." Lena gives Eddie a brief scowl for this exploitation and then turns her back to Todd, sitting next to him. ... cum shot stories sex

Leg. All this time I watched his face, which was now beginning to tremble. I took the opportunity, upon feeling and seeing his reaction (and almost erection), to make pretence at not being steady as yet, and I pretended to slip in my "half off" pants, and I threw my arms out at him to steady myself further. I lunged one arm to his chest and the other ended up "clumsily" (so he thought) close to his cock. It seemed like many minutes that we just stood there frozen, looking into each ... cum shot stories sex penetration woman story

It did not worry me at that point. Once done with her "inspection" she gently put the head of my cock between her lips and started to slowly suck and sometimes nibble on the head. The Feeling was very nice, maybe a little too nice, for I started to groan a little and as I did I slipped and bumped the side of the bed very hard. Kumiko, having realized something had happened, stopped what she was doing and looked directly at her friend sucking on my rigid cock. She was furious ...

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The table where Bill was sitting. Peter could see the man starring out at them dancing and felt hesitant to grab the man's wife's ass but figured if Nina was fine with it than he would go ahead and do it. They were about twenty feet from the table when Peter slowly worked his hands down to her ass and ran his fingers over her nice round cheeks as she swayed her ass in rhythm to the music. Peter said. "Your husband is watching my hands on your ass right now. What should I do?" Nina looked up into Peter's face and said. "Squeeze ... penetration woman story

Would've wondered if Sylvia noticed her at all. Darryl lifted Sylvia off him like she was a feather and laid her on the ground. Then, in one swift movement, he was on top of her, his cock buried deep between her thighs. His flexed buttocks moved up and down with a fury as his cock pounding forcefully into Sylvia again and again. "Oh God, yes," Sylvia exclaimed. And then a few thrusts later, she breathed restlessly, "Darryl, make sure... she can see." Darryl lifted Sylvia's legs on to his shoulders and raised himself up to his knees. Claire could now see what Sylvia and ... cum shot stories sex

An eggshell white backdrop, and was completely nude. "Um, sorry Jamal," Claire said, obviously flustered, "Why don't you take a break?" "Sure thing Claire," Jamal responded with a quick flash of his bright white teeth. He went over to a coat hook and grabbed a robe. There was no haste in his movements, no reason to believe he was embarrassed that Sylvia had seen him this way, and Sylvia in turn made no attempt to hide that she liked what she was seeing from Jamal either. "Come on Sylvia, I've got some coffee in the next room," Claire said, pulling ...

Tightly as I ran my hands up her skirt. She put her mouth to my ear and whispered, "Grab my ass if you want to." My heart was pounding. "Rebecca, we are both married. We already have just gone too far." As I was trying to think rationally, my hands grabbed her soft, firm ass and caressed both cheeks in my hands. I kneaded them and pinched them and squeezed them. My cock was very hard and pressed against her body. "But you have...such...a...great...ass." I looked at her and our eyes met. Our lips instantly pressed very hard against ...

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